1. Sep, 2017

    Symcli Commands

    A searchable database of EMC SYMCLI command examples. Expand the main catagories to view the examples below that. Built-in search facility to find the commands easily.

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  2. Sep, 2017

    Symcli Questions

    HowTo guide for symcli commands

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  3. Sep, 2017

    VMax Commands

    Commands specifically using for VMax Autoprovisiong. This is a subset of Symcli Commands . Search facility is excluded.

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  4. Sep, 2017

    SRDF Operations

    Various SRDF operations and Commands explained using a simplified replication setup.

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  5. Sep, 2017

    Symdev Command to BIND and UNBIND

    We can use symdev command to bind and unbind thin devices. For this ,we should have Solution Enabler of version 7.6(+) and enginuity should be 5876(+).

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  6. Sep, 2017

    Simple Clone Operations

    Steps and commands to create,atcivate and terminate a clone session. These operations are doing by using a device group.

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  7. Sep, 2017

    VMax Allocation Steps

    Storage Allocation procedure for a VMax array using Autoprovisioning Groups.This is just a quick reference and only conatins commands to do the allocation.

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  8. Sep, 2017

    Dynamic Vs Static SRDF

    Examples to show the procedural differences between Dynamic and Static SRDF pair creation.

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  9. Sep, 2017

    Virtual Provisioning in VMax

    Virtual Provisioning mainly includes Thin Pools, DATA devices and TDEVS. Here you can find the simple steps and respective commands to setup up a Virtual Provisioning envirornment.

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  10. Sep, 2017

    BCV Creation

    Steps to create and delete a BCV copy session using a Device Group. Also explains the procedure to create a device group and add devices in to it.

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  11. Sep, 2017

    EMC Quick Links

    Compilation of the most essential EMC links

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  12. Sep, 2017

    Find Mapped but Unmasked devices

    Best way to find all the mapped devices in a DMX/Vmax array , those are not masked to any host.

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  13. Sep, 2017

    Max Limits Quick Reference Table

    Reference Table for maximum limits of various figures in SAN infrastructure, components and procedures.

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  14. Sep, 2017

    Number of Engines in a VMax Array

    Steps to find out number of engines in a Vmax array through commandline.

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  15. Sep, 2017

    Convert Tier1 TDEV to Tier2

    Completely migrate Tier-1 TDEVs to a Tier-2 storage devices.

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  16. Sep, 2017

    FAST Implementation

    4 basic steps and commands to implement FAST/FAST VP in a VMax array. This includes enabling the FAST controller,creating Tiers, setting FAST policies and associating Storage Groups to policies.

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  17. Sep, 2017

    Thin Pool Deletion Procedure

    Procedure to delete a THIN Pool after removing the DATA devices associated with it.

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  18. Sep, 2017

    Find R2 pairs of a group of R1 devices

    Steps to find out the R2 pairs for a group of R1 SRDF devices.

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