How to list set of devices along with useful informations?

symdev -sid 1234 list -devs AAA:AAC,BBB,CCC
List the devices AAA to AAC,BBB and CCC along with the informations like ConfigType,Status,Size etc.
Related Questions

  • symaccess -sid 1234 list -name MyGroup -v
    List all groups named MyGroup and also shows the related Masking Views

  • syminq -symmids
    List the local devices along with the serial number of corresponding array.

  • symsg -sid 1234 list -v
    the -v options displays the member devices of Storage Groups along with other details given by list.

  • symsg -sid 1234 show MyStorageGroup
    Shows the devices in MyStorageGroup along with its Masking View and FAST Policy association status.

  • symsg -sid 1234 -sg MyStorageGroup ready
    Set the status of all devices in SG 'MyStorageGroup' to READY.

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