How to refresh the vcm data base after a masking and unmasking operation?

symmask -sid 1234 refresh
Refresh the VCM Data Base after a masking and unmasking operation.
Related Questions

  • symcfg -sid 1234 verify
    Check whether the SYMAPI database is in sync with the current configuration of array 1234.

  • symcfg list -status
    Check the configuartion and SYMAPI database status of all arrays.

  • symcfg -db
    Shows the configuration information about the current symapi database.

  • symmaskdb -sid 1234 -dev ABC list assign
    List the masking details of the dev ABC .

  • symmask -sid 1234 -wwn xxxx replace yyyy
    Replace all occurance of wwn xxxx with yyyy in array 1234.

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