Linux Commands ❯ who


Print information about users who are currently logged in.

who [OPTION]... [ FILE | ARG1 ARG2 ]
  • who am i
    print who you are logged in as. same as who -m
  • who -a
    same as who -bdlprtTu
  • who -b
    display the time of the last system boot.
  • who -d
    display dead processes.
  • who -H
    print line of column headings
  • who -l
    print system login processes
  • who -m
    list only hostname and user associated with stdin
  • who -p
    print active processes spawned by init
  • who -q
    list all login names and number of users logged on
  • who -r
    print current runlevel
  • who -s
    print only name, line, and time (default)
  • who -t
    print last system clock change
  • who -u
    list users logged in