Convert a Tier-1 thin device to Tier-2

We can rebind a TDEV which is assigned presently to a Tier-1 pool to the Tier-2 pool. But this will only make the subsequent write to newly assigned thin pool; the old written data still remains in the Tier-1 pool and will not be move to the newly assigned Tier-2 pool. The below steps will help us to fully migrate a Tier-1 TDEV to a Tier-2 storage.


We have the below details

Array----------------> 1234
TDEVs-----------> AAA and AAB
Bounded Thin Pool -----------> 300GB_Tier1
Target Thin pool -----------> 2TB_Tier2


Create a devices file 'devs.txt'



Validate the thin pool migration feasibility

symmigrate -sid 1234 -file devs.txt -name Tier1_to_Tier2_session1 -tgt_pool -pool 2TB_Tier2 validate


Start migration

symmigrate -sid 1234 -file devs.txt -name Tier1_to_Tier2_session1 -tgt_pool -pool 2TB_Tier2 establish

The above command will start copying data/migration form 300GB_Tier1 pool to 2TB_Tier2. Also the devices will get bounded to 2TB_Tier2.


Query the migration status

symmigrate -sid 1234 -name Tier1_to_Tier2_session1 query -detail

The status of the migration will change from 'SyncInProg' to 'Completed' at the end of migration.


Terminate the Migration session

symmigrate -sid 1234 -name Tier1_to_Tier2_session1 terminate

Make sure the migration 'completed' before using the above command. This will remove the session from the array.


Check the current pool of the TDEVs

symcfg -sid 1234 list -range AAA:AAB -tdev

The above command will shows the current thin pool where the devices bounded.