How to show the efficiency gained through virtual provisioning, snap shots and compression for srp_1?

symcfg –sid 1234 show -efficiency -srp SRP_1
Show the efficiency gained through Virtual Provisioning, Snap Shots and Compression for SRP_1 in 1234 array
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    List all the remote arrays and respective remote RDF ports visible through the RA ports of 1234.This command can be issued after doing a RA to RA port zoning for SRDF .

  • symdev -sid 1234 write_disable ABC -SA all
    Write disable the device ABC from through all directors.

  • symdev -sid 1234 write_disable ABC -SA 3a -p 0
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  • symmask -sid 1234 -dir 4a -p 0 list logins
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  • symfast -sid 1234 list -state
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