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write disable the devices on all directors?

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Auto Provisioning Restrictions And LimitsReference Table for limits and restrictions of various figures in Auto Provisioning
BCV CreationSteps to create and delete a BCV copy session using a Device Group. Also explains the procedure to create a device group and add devices in to it.
CISCO MDS CLI QuestionsHowTo guide for Cisco MDS commands
CISCO MDS Show CommandsSome useful CISCO MDS show commands
Convert Tier1 TDEV to Tier2Completely migrate Tier-1 TDEVs to a Tier-2 storage devices.
Dynamic Vs Static SRDFExamples to show the procedural differences between Dynamic and Static SRDF pair creation.
EMC Quick LinksCompilation of the most essential EMC links
FAST Implementation4 basic steps and commands to implement FAST/FAST VP in a VMax array. This includes enabling the FAST controller,creating Tiers, setting FAST policies and associating Storage Groups to policies.
Find Mapped but Unmasked devicesBest way to find all the mapped devices in a DMX/Vmax array , those are not masked to any host.
Find R2 pairs of a group of R1 devicesSteps to find out the R2 pairs for a group of R1 SRDF devices.
Number of Engines in a VMax ArraySteps to find out number of engines in a Vmax array through commandline.
Simple Clone OperationsSteps and commands to create,atcivate and terminate a clone session. These operations are doing by using a device group.
SRDF OperationsVarious SRDF operations and Commands explained using a simplified replication setup.
Symcli CommandsA searchable database of EMC SYMCLI command examples. Expand the main categories to view the examples below that. Built in search facility to find the commands easily.
Symcli QuestionsHowTo guide for symcli commands
Symdev Command to BIND and UNBINDWe can use symdev command to bind and unbind thin devices. For this ,we should have Solution Enabler of version 7.6(+) and enginuity should be 5876(+).
Thin Pool Deletion ProcedureProcedure to delete a THIN Pool after removing the DATA devices associated with it.
Virtual Provisioning in VMaxVirtual Provisioning mainly includes Thin Pools, DATA devices and TDEVS. Here you can find the simple steps and respective commands to setup up a Virtual Provisioning envirornment.
VMax Allocation StepsStorage Allocation procedure for a VMax array using Autoprovisioning Groups.This is just a quick reference and only conatins commands to do the allocation.
VMax3 Allocation StepsStorage Allocation procedure for a VMax3 array using Autoprovisioning Groups.This is just a quick reference and only conatins commands to do the allocation.

symm utils

Create THICK DevicesCreate thick devices on DMX array.
Delete DevicesDelete a given list of DMX/Vmax devices.
Map and Mask Symmetrix DevicesMap a group of devices to selected DMX FA ports.
Mask Symmetrix DevicesMask a list of devices to given WWPN through selected FA ports.
Remove the Attributes of Symmetrix DevicesRemove the attributes(SCSI-3/DYN_RDF/EMULATION) of given list of devices .
Set the Attributes of Symmetrix DevicesSet the attributes(SCSI-3/DYN_RDF/EMULATION) of given list of devices .
Set the status of Symmetrix DevicesSet the status of given devices to a particular status on DMX Dir ports.
Unmap and Unmask Symmetrix DevicesUnmap a given list of devices from DMX FA ports.
Unmask Symmetrix DevicesUnmask group of devices from given WWNs.
Create Meta DevicesForm meta devices, map the meta heads to selected DMX FA ports and mask to given WWPNs.
Dissolve Meta DevicesDissolve a given list of meta heads.

vmax utils

Delete Automation GroupsDelete a list of Automation Groups
Create Initiator GroupCreate Initiator Group and add the HBAs/Child IGs to the group.
Create Masking ViewCreate script for a complete Vmax allocation.
Delete Masking ViewDelete a Masking View and associated Provisioning Groups
Create Port GroupCreate Port Group and add FA Ports in to it.
Add Devices to Storage GroupAdd given list of Vmax devices to a Storage Group.
Create Storage GroupCreate Storage Group and add the TDEVs to the group.
Remove Devices from Storage GroupRemove given list of devices from a Storage Group.
Map VMAX DevicesMap a group of devices to Vmax FA ports.
Set Status of VMAX DevicesSet the status of given devices to ready/not_ready or write_enable/disable.
Unmap VMAX DevicesUnmap given list of devices from Vmax FA ports.
Create Meta in VMAX Create meta devices,bind to thin pool and add to storage group.
Bind Devices to Thin PoolBind given list of devices to a particular thin pool.
Create Thin DevicesCreate TDEVs in Vmax array.
Create RDF Thin DevicesCreate RDF Devices on both production(R1) and DR(R2) Array and pair/establish the relationship according to the given RDF Group.This utility can also be used to create RDF Meta devices.
Delete Thin DevicesDelete Thin devices in a VMAX Array
Unbind Thin DevicesCreate script to unbind a group of TDEVS from thin pool.
VMAX-3 AllocationFull allocation symcli script for a new single or clustered server

general utils

Cylinders «-» GB ConverterUtility to convert size of devices in cylinders to GB/MB/KB/Bytes and viceversa.
Hex «-» Decimal ConverterUtility to convert hexadecimal numbers to decimal and viceversa.
Create Device RangesCreate ranges for a given list of hexadecimal numbers.This utility can be used to check the continuity of the devices.
Generate Hex NumbersUtility to generate hexadecimal numbers with a specified gap in between.
Remove Duplicates Remove duplicates entry from the group of devices or names.
Separate Devices By CommasUtility to seperate a given list of devices with comma.
Sort Hex NumbersUtility to sort given list of hex numbers in ascending or descending order.
EMC FA WWPN DecoderUtility to decode FA - WWPNs of EMC Symmetrix, DMX and VMax Storage Arrays.
EMC FA WWPN EncoderGenerate EMC - FA WWPNs from array Serial Number and Director/Processor/Port Details
EMC SYMDEV WWN DecoderDecode the device WWN and derive the array serial number, model and the curresponding symdev name
EMC SYMDEV WWN EncoderUtility to generate NAA numbers for a given list of Symmetrix devices.
Remove or Add Colons from WWNUtility to add or remove colons from WWPNs.