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  1. Cylinders «-» GB Converter

    Utility to convert size of devices in cylinders to GB/MB/KB/Bytes and viceversa.

  2. Remove or Add Colons from WWN

    Utility to add or remove colons from WWPNs.

  3. EMC SYMDEV WWN Decoder

    Decode the device WWN and derive the array serial number, model and the curresponding symdev name

  4. Separate Devices By Commas

    Utility to seperate a given list of devices with comma.

  5. Hex «-» Decimal Converter

    Utility to convert hexadecimal numbers to decimal and viceversa.

  6. Create Device Ranges

    Create ranges for a given list of hexadecimal numbers.This utility can be used to check the continuity of the devices.

  7. Sort Hex Numbers

    Utility to sort given list of hex numbers in ascending or descending order.

  8. Generate Hex Numbers

    Utility to generate hexadecimal numbers with a specified gap in between.

  9. EMC SYMDEV WWN Encoder

    Utility to generate NAA numbers for a given list of Symmetrix devices.

  10. EMC FA WWPN Decoder

    Utility to decode FA - WWPNs of EMC Symmetrix, DMX and VMax Storage Arrays.

  11. CISCO MDS Zoning

    CISCO MDS Zoning

  12. EMC FA WWPN Encoder

    Generate EMC - FA WWPNs from array Serial Number and Director/Processor/Port Details

  13. Remove Duplicates

    Remove duplicates entry from the group of devices or names.