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  1. Create Thin Devices

    Create TDEVs in Vmax array.

  2. VMAX-3 Allocation

    Full allocation symcli script for a new single or clustered server

  3. Unbind Thin Devices

    Create script to unbind a group of TDEVS from thin pool.

  4. Create Meta in VMAX

    Create meta devices,bind to thin pool and add to storage group.

  5. Add Devices to Storage Group

    Add given list of Vmax devices to a Storage Group.

  6. Create Initiator Group

    Create Initiator Group and add the HBAs/Child IGs to the group.

  7. Create Masking View

    Create script for a complete Vmax allocation.

  8. Remove Devices from Storage Group

    Remove given list of devices from a Storage Group.

  9. Unmap VMAX Devices

    Unmap given list of devices from Vmax FA ports.

  10. Delete Masking View

    Delete a Masking View and associated Provisioning Groups

  11. Create Storage Group

    Create Storage Group and add the TDEVs to the group.

  12. Delete Thin Devices

    Delete Thin devices in a VMAX Array

  13. Bind Devices to Thin Pool

    Bind given list of devices to a particular thin pool.

  14. Delete Automation Groups

    Delete a list of Automation Groups

  15. Create RDF Thin Devices

    Create RDF Devices on both production(R1) and DR(R2) Array and pair/establish the relationship according to the given RDF Group.This utility can also be used to create RDF Meta devices.

  16. Create Port Group

    Create Port Group and add FA Ports in to it.

  17. Set Status of VMAX Devices

    Set the status of given devices to ready/not_ready or write_enable/disable.

  18. Map VMAX Devices

    Map a group of devices to Vmax FA ports.