Auto Provisioning - Restrictions And Limits

Provisioning object Limit
DevicesMaximum 16K per each director.
Maximum 4K per each storage group
Initiator GroupMaximum 64 initiator addresses (or 64 child IG names) per group.
Storage Group Maximum 16K storage groups per array.
Maximum 64 child storage groups per each parent storage group.
Maximum 4K storage groups with host I/O limits defined.
Port GroupMaximum 16K port groups per array.
Maximum 32 ports in a port group
Masking ViewMaximum 64K masking views per array
LUN AddressesMaximum 4K LUN addresses per director port
MV/SG/PG/IG NamesMaximum group name length is 64 characters and are NOT case sensitive.
Group Name must begin with an alphanumeric character, and embedded hyphens and underscore characters are valid.
Group names must be unique per group type, but different group types can share the same name.( For example, a storage group, a port group, and an initiator group can all have the name RAJESHVU_DB. However, two storage groups in the same array cannot be named RAJESHVU_DB.

As per Solution Enabler 9.0