FAST Implementation

Below are the very basic steps to implement the FAST.


Enable the FAST/FAST VP Controller

to enable the FAST Controller.

symfast -sid 1234 enable -dp

to enable the FAST VP Controller.

symfast -sid 1234 enable -vp


Create Tiers

Create tiers by specifying the diskgroup or thin pool , depends on the FAST Versions. ie , FAST(Disk group Provisioning,) or FAST(Virtual Provisioning).

a. disk group tiers ( DP )

symtier -sid 1234 create -name EFD_Tier -inc_type static -tgt_raid5 -tgt_prot 3 1 -technology EFD -dsk_grp 0

symtier -sid 1234 create -name FC_Tier -inc_type static -tgt_raid1 -technology FC -dsk_grp 1

symtier -sid 1234 create -name SATA_Tier -inc_type static -tgt_raid6 -tgt_prot 6 2 -technology SATA -dsk_grp 2

b. virtul pool tiers ( VP )

symtier -sid 1234 create -name EFD_Tier -tgt_raid5 -tgt_prot 3 1 -technology EFD -vp -pool TP0_SSD

symtier -sid 1234 create -name FC_Tier -tgt_raid1 -technology FC -vp -pool TP1_300GB

symtier -sid 1234 create -name SATA_Tier -tgt_raid6 -tgt_prot 6 2 -technology SATA -vp -pool TP2_2000GB


Create FAST Policies

Create FAST policies and add the tiers to them by specifying the maximum associated storage group space that can reside on that particular tier.

symfast -sid 1234 -fp -name Tier1_policy create -tier_name EFD_Tier -max_sg_percent 100

symfast -sid 1234 -fp -name Tier1_policy add -tier_name FC_Tier -max_sg_percent 100

symfast -sid 1234 -fp -name Tier1_policy add -tier_name SATA_Tier -max_sg_percent 10

symfast -sid 1234 -fp -name Tier2_policy create -tier_name EFD_Tier -max_sg_percent 5

symfast -sid 1234 -fp -name Tier2_policy add -tier_name FC_Tier -max_sg_percent 10

symfast -sid 1234 -fp -name Tier2_policy add -tier_name SATA_Tier -max_sg_percent 100


Associate Storage Groups With FAST Policies.

Finally associate your Storage Groups to the policy.One storage group can associate with only a single policy.

symfast -sid 1234 -fp -name Tier1_policy associate -sg MyStorageGroup1

symfast -sid 1234 -fp -name Tier2_policy associate -sg MyStorageGroup2

symfast -sid 1234 -fp -name Tier2_policy associate -sg MyStorageGroup3