symmir commands

The symmir command performs Symmetrix BCV control operations on a device group, composite group, devices within the group, or on devices within a file. The operations are like associate, disassociate, establish etc..

Below list contains some of the most useful symmir command examples.

  • symmir -g TestDg cancel

    Terminate the relationship between the standard and BCV devices in device group TestDg.
  • symmir -g TestDg establish -full

    Establish the relationship between the standard and BCV devices in Device Group TestDg.
  • symmir -g TestDg query

    Query the device Group TestDg
  • symmir -g TestDg split

    Split the pair in device group TestDg
  • symmir -sid 1234 -g TestDg attach DEV001 BCV ld BCV001

    Attach the standard device in DG TestDg with the BCV device BCV001.This will become the preferred BCV device to be paired with the standard device when a full establish or full restore action is issued.
  • symmir -sid 1234 -g TestDg detach DEV001 BCV ld BCV001

    Detach the standard device DEV001 in the TestDg from the BCV device BCV001.

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