How to list all dp tiers?

symtier -sid 1234 list -dp
Lists only DiskGroup provisioned Tiers.
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  • symfast -sid 1234 show -fp_name Tier1
    Lists all the storage groups and Tiers associated with the FAST Policy in array 1234

  • symtier -sid 1234 list
    Lists all the storage tiers in array 1234.( both DiskGroup(DP) and Virtual Pool(VP) Tiers )

  • symtier -sid 1234 list -vp
    List only VirtualPool(Thin Pool) provisioned Tiers.

  • symtier -sid 1234 create -name Tier1 -inc_type static -tgt_raid5 -tgt_prot 3+1 -technology EFD -dsk_grp 1
    Create Diskroup Povisioned(DP) tier named "Tier1" from disk_group 1 of type RAID-5.The type of the disk in disk_group 1 is EFD.

  • symtier -sid 1234 delete -tier_name Tier2 -force
    Delete non-empty static DP tier "Tier2"

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