How to list all the user pinned devices?

symdev -sid 1234 list -pinned
Lists all the devices which are user pinned devices( User Pinned devices will not be moved by FAST Controller , but may be moved by Optimizer or Symmigrate)
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  • symaudit -sid 1234 list -user test_user
    List all the records for those activities performed by test_user

  • symauth -sid 1234 show -username
    Display current username that Solutions Enabler identifies as accessing the Symmetrix array. This command also displays all the groups to which the user belongs.

  • symauth list -roles
    Lists the various user authorization roles available on a Symmetrix array along with a short description of that role.

  • symauth -sid 1234 list
    Display the Symmetrix user authorization state Enabled or Disabled in array 1234. This command also shows the timestamp when it is last enabled, disabled and updated.

  • symauth -sid 1234 enable
    Enable user authorization in Symmetrix array 1234. We must have created at least one mapping for a user to Admin or SecurityAdmin before this.

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