How to validate the command syntax and verify the appropriateness of the changes and operations?

symconfigure -sid 1234 -f command_file.txt prepare
The prepare option will validate the command syntax and Verify the appropriateness of the changes and operations.
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  • symconfigure -sid 1234 -f command_file.txt preview
    Validates the syntax of the commands in 'command_file.txt' and also verify the configuration changes.

  • symconfigure -sid 1234 -f command_file.txt commit
    Apply the changes defined in the command file.

  • symconfigure -sid 1234 verify
    Verify the current symmetrix configuration is ready for a configuration change.

  • symaccess -sid 1234 verify
    Verify the ACLX database in VMax 1234 is consistent.

  • symrdf -sid 1234 -rdfg 3 -type rdf1 -file rdf.txt createpair -invalidate R2
    Establish the SRDF relation between the devices given in the file rdf.txt from array 1234(R1) and remote box according to the rdf group .This command can be used to just create the pair without starting the data copy from R1 to R2 .

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