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  1. Create Masking View

    Create script for a complete Vmax allocation.

  2. Create Thin Devices

    Create TDEVs in Vmax array.

  3. Add Devices to SG

    Add given list of Vmax devices to a Storage Group.

  4. Create Initiator Group

    Create Initiator Group and add the HBAs/Child IGs to the group.

  5. VMAX-3 Allocation

    Full allocation symcli script for a new single or clustered server

  6. Unbind Thin Devices

    Create script to unbind a group of TDEVS from thin pool.

  7. Create Meta in VMAX

    Create meta devices,bind to thin pool and add to storage group.

  8. Delete Masking View

    Delete a Masking View and associated Provisioning Groups

  9. Create Storage Group

    Create Storage Group and add the TDEVs to the group.

  10. Map VMAX Devices

    Map a group of devices to Vmax FA ports.

  11. Remove Devices from SG

    Remove given list of devices from a Storage Group.

  12. Delete Thin Devices

    Delete Thin devices in a VMAX Array

  13. Create Port Group

    Create Port Group and add FA Ports in to it.

  14. Set Status of VMAX Devices

    Set the status of given devices to ready/not_ready or write_enable/disable.

  15. Unmap VMAX Devices

    Unmap given list of devices from Vmax FA ports.

  16. Bind Devices to Thin Pool

    Bind given list of devices to a particular thin pool.

  17. Create RDF Thin Devices

    Create RDF Devices on both production(R1) and DR(R2) Array and pair/establish the relationship according to the given RDF Group.This utility can also be used to create RDF Meta devices.

  18. Delete Automation Groups

    Delete a list of Automation Groups