Hello Folks

I'm Rajesh V U.
Storage Technologist by profession.
Web Designer, Programmer and Artist by passion.

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This website launched in 2006 to share some of my web utilities with fellow technologists. Since then, the content and layout have been gone through several changes. Technological advancements in the past years compelled me to modify the existing utilities and add new ones.

I learned about HTML, PHP, SQL, Javascript as part of developing this website and hand-coded all the programs. Designing the aesthetic and layout part of this site helped me explore the concepts like Minimalism, Golden Ratio, provided an insight to keep everything simple and tidy.

I love reading, watching movies and doodling gag cartoons in my leisure times. Some of my creations are showcased in the cartoons page.

Really look forward your feedback and suggestions to improve the website content and design. You can reach me for any queries through my Email-ID and follow the latest updates through my Facebook page.

Thank you for coming in. Have fun and happy browsing.