Using SYMTIER command

How to
add thin pool to the existing Storage Tier?

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  1. Symcli Questions

    HowTo guide for symcli commands

  2. Symcli Commands

    A searchable database of symcli commands to manage Dell EMC DMX, VMax, VMax3 and PowerMax storage arrays.

  3. SRDF Operations

    Various SRDF operations and Commands explained using a simplified replication setup.

  4. VMax3 and PowerMax Allocation Steps

    Storage Allocation procedure for a VMax3 and PowerMax array using Autoprovisioning Groups.This is just a quick reference and only conatins commands to do the allocation.

  5. VMax Allocation Steps

    Storage Allocation procedure for a VMax array using Autoprovisioning Groups.This is just a quick reference and only conatins commands to do the allocation.

  6. Dynamic Vs Static SRDF

    Examples to show the procedural differences between Dynamic and Static SRDF pair creation.

  7. Simple Clone Operations

    Steps and commands to create,atcivate and terminate a clone session. These operations are done by using a device group.

  8. Symdev Command to BIND and UNBIND

    We can use symdev command to bind and unbind thin devices. For this ,we should have Solution Enabler of version 7.6(+) and enginuity should be 5876(+).

  9. EMC Quick Links

    Compilation of the most essential EMC links

  10. BCV Creation

    Steps to create and delete a BCV copy session using a Device Group. Also explains the procedure to create a device group and add devices in to it.

  11. Auto Provisioning Restrictions And Limits

    Reference Table for limits and restrictions of various figures in Auto Provisioning

  12. Find Mapped but Unmasked devices

    Best way to find all the mapped devices in a DMX/Vmax array , those are not masked to any host.

  13. Thin Pool Deletion Procedure

    Procedure to delete a THIN Pool after removing the DATA devices associated with it.

  14. Number of Engines in a VMax Array

    Steps to find out number of engines in a Vmax array through commandline.

  15. Virtual Provisioning in VMax

    Virtual Provisioning mainly includes Thin Pools, DATA devices and TDEVS. Here you can find the simple steps and respective commands to setup up a Virtual Provisioning envirornment.

  16. FAST Implementation

    4 basic steps and commands to implement FAST/FAST VP in a VMax array. This includes enabling the FAST controller,creating Tiers, setting FAST policies and associating Storage Groups to policies.

  17. Find R2 pairs of a group of R1 devices

    Steps to find out the R2 pairs for a group of R1 SRDF devices.

  18. Convert Tier1 TDEV to Tier2

    Completely migrate Tier-1 TDEVs to a Tier-2 storage devices.

  19. VMax3 and PowerMax Deallocation Steps

    Storage Deallocation procedure for a Dell EMC VMax3 and PowerMax array. Steps and symcli commands used to perform Full or Partial reclaim.