How to create a dynamic rdf group for vmax to vmax3 replication?

symrdf -sid 000000001234 -label dynagrp100 -dir 3h,4h,13h,14h -rdfg 100 -remote_sid 000000005678 -remote_dir 1e:4,2e:4,3e:4,4e:4 -remote_rdfg 100 addgrp
Above command this command will create a dynamic rdf group 100 on VMax array 1234( RA Port-1e:4,2e:4,3e:4,4e:4 ) pairing remote VMax3 array 5678( RA Port 1e:4,2e:4,3e:4,4e:4 ) with label 'dynagrp100'.
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