Symdev command to BIND and UNBIND thin devices

We can use symdev command to bind and unbind thin devices. For this ,we should have Solution Enabler of version 7.6(+) and enginuity should be 5876(+).Following are the examples to perform this operations.

BIND thin devices

symdev -sid 1234 -dev AAAA,AAAD:AAAF bind -pool Tier1_143GB
symdev -sid 1234 -dev BBBB,BBBD:BBBF bind -pool Tier2_2TB
We can bind multiple range of devices, separated by commas, in a single command.

UNBIND thin devices

symdev -sid 1234 -dev AAAA,AAAD:AAAF,BBBB,BBBD:BBBF unbind We can unbind multiple range of devices, separated by commas, from bounded thin pool(s). By using the above command, we can unbind AAAA,AAAD:AAAF bounded to Tier1_143GB and BBBB,BBBD:BBBF bounded to Tier2_2TB . Note that , we are not providing any thin pool group information in the command.

Note : SeparateDevsByCommas features to bind/unbind options using symdev.