Virtual Provisioning in VMax

Below are the steps involved to setup Virtual Provisioning.Here i am assuming that,there is an existing storage group called MyStorageGroup and we need to allocate the new thin device to that SG.


Create a Thin Pool

create pool ThinPool1 type =thin;


Create DATA Devices

Create 4 x 2GB Raid-5 , DATA Devices.

create dev count=4, config=RAID-5, data_member_count=3, attribute=datadev, emulation=FBA, size=2GB, disk_group=1;


Add DATA Devices to thin pool

0A00:0A03 are DATA devices created in the previous step.

add dev 0A00:0A03 to pool ThinPool1 type=thin member_state =ENABLE;


Create Thin Devices

Create 2 thin devices of size 4GB each.

create dev count=2, config=TDEV, emulation=FBA, size=4GB;


Bind Thin Devices to Thin pool

0A04:0A05 are Thin devices created in the previous step.

bind tdev 0A04:0A05 to pool ThinPool1;


Add thin devices to Storage Group

Here we are adding the thin devices 0A04:0A05 , to the Storage Group MyStorageGroup.

symaccess -sid 1234 -name MyStorageGroup -type storage add devs 0A04:0A05 ;

You are Done !