How to filter the records with particular symdevices mentioned in its text description?

symaudit -sid 1234 list -symdev_range AAAAA:BBBBB
Filter those records with text description includes the devices AAAAA or BBBBB
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  • symdev -sid 1234 write_disable ABC -SA 3a -p 0
    Write disable the device ABC on FA port 3a:0.

  • symmask -sid 1234 list logins -wwn 1000000000000001
    Mask or Unmask the symmetrix devices or list the wwn logins.(Depreciated from SE 8.X)

  • symsg -sid 1234 show MyStorageGroup
    Shows the devices in a Storage Group along with its Masking View and FAST Policy association status.

  • symsg -sid 1234 export MyStorageGroup -file mystoragegroup.txt
    Export the device information from SG to the text file.

  • symsg -sid 1234 exportall -storagegroups.txt
    exports the device information from all the SGs from 1234 array to the text file storagegroups.txt

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