How to list all the dyn_rdf2 enabled devices?

symdev -sid 1234 list -r2 -dynamic
List all the dyn_rdf2 enabled devices.
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  • symconfigure -sid 1234 -cmd "create dev count=10, size=18414, emulation=FBA, data_member_count=3, config=RAID-5, disk_group=2, dynamic_capability=dyn_rdf;" commit
    Create 10 RAID-5 devices of size 18414 cylinders , as emulation FBA from diskgroup 2 and also set the dynamic bit on those.

  • symdev -sid 1234 list -r1 -dynamic
    List all the dyn_rdf1 enabled devices.

  • symdev -sid 1234 list -orm on
    List all the devices in vmax1234 with the Optimized Read Miss mode on.

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