How to list all the unmapped meta devices?

symdev -sid 1234 list -noport -meta
List all unmapped meta devices .
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  • symdev -sid 1234 list -noport
    List the devices which are not mapped to any ports.

  • symdev -sid 1234 list -tdev -noport
    list all thin devices in array 1234 which are not mapped

  • symdev -sid 1234 list -nomember
    List all the devices in array 1234 , except meta members.( all the meta heads and non-meta devices )

  • symconfigure -sid 1234 -cmd "form meta from dev AAA, config=striped, stripe_size=1920; add dev AAB to meta AAA;" commit
    Create a 2 member striped meta; AAA as meta head and AAB as member.
    utility for DMX , utility for Vmax

  • symconfigure -sid 1234 -cmd "form meta from dev AAAA, config=striped, stripe_size=1920;add dev AAAB to meta AAAA;" commit
    Create 2 member striped meta , device AAAA as meta head.

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