How to list the events on a symmetrix array in a specific time period?

symevent -sid 1234 list -start 05/26/2016:22:00:00 -end 05/26/2016:23:00:00
Lists all the events starting from 22:00 to 23:00 on 26th may 2016.
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  • symaccess -sid 1234 -type initiator -name Host1 create -consistent_lun
    Create the Initiator Group Host1 and enable the LUN id consistency at the same time.

  • symaccess -sid 1234 list logins -wwn 1000000000000001 -v
    Check whether wwn 1000000000000001 logged in to any of the FAs on array 1234."-v" options also provides the time of login change. This is helpful if the wwpn not logged in now on the FAs , but want to know when its got disconnected.

  • symcfg -sid 1234 list -slo -detail -by_resptime -all
    List the SLOs and the workloads that can be associated with storage groups in VMAX3 array 1234, along with the approximate response time for each.

  • symevent -sid 1234 list
    Lists all the events happened such as informational, warnings,errors and fatal on array 1234.

  • symevent -sid 1234 monitor
    Display the realtime events happening in array 1234.

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