How to query the array based licenses and display the usage?

symlmf -sid 1234 -type emclm query
Query the array based licenses and display the usage in vmax 1234
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  • symrdf -sid 1234 -rdfg 3 -file rdf.txt query
    Query the Devices by using device pair file.

  • symrdf -g mydg query
    Query device group.

  • symrdf -sid 1234 -rdfg 3 -file rdf_pair.txt query -i 5
    Queries the pair devices mentioned in the pairfile "rdf_pair.txt" in every 5 seconds.This command also shows the estimated time to sync up all the devices if those are currently in "sync in progress" state.

  • symmir -g TestDg query
    Query the device Group TestDg

  • symfast -sid 1234 list -association -demand -sg MySg
    Shows the Tier usage of devices in MySG.

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