How to remove name for a symmetrix device?

symconfigure -sid 1234 -cmd "set dev AAAA NO device_name ; " commit
Remove the device_name identifier ,"testdevice" for device AAAA.
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  • How to provide a name to symmetrix devcie

    symconfigure -sid 1234 -cmd "set dev AAAA device_name='testdevice' ;" commit
    set the device_name identifier for device "AAAA" as "testdevice".These devices can be listed by command "symdev -sid 1234 list -identifier device_name" .
  • How to remove the RecoverPoint Tag from a symmetrix device

    symconfigure -sid 1234 -cmd "set dev AAAA attribute=NO RCVRPNT_TAG;" preview
    Remove the RecoverPoint Tag from the device AAAA
  • How to rename SRP

    symconfigure -sid 1234 -cmd "rename SRP SRP_1 to MY_SRP;" commit
    Rename the Storage Resource Pool SRP_1 to MY_SRP.
  • How to remove RDF emulation from a Director

    symconfigure –sid 1234 -cmd "remove dir 1E;" commit
    Remove RDF emulation from the director 1 in vmax3 array 1234
  • How to rename thin pool

    symconfigure -sid 1234 -cmd "rename pool My_Thinpool to My_New_Thinpool type =thin;" commit
    Rename thin pool My_Thinpool to My_New_Thinpool.

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