purehgroup commands

List and manages HostGroup objects

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  • purehgroup connect MY-HOSTS --vol MY_VOL_001
    Connect volume MY_VOLUME_001 to hostgroup MY-HOSTS
  • purehgroup connect MY-HOSTS --vol MY_VOL_001 --lun 100
    Connect volume MY_VOLUME_001 to hostgroup MY-HOSTS and assign LUN id 100
  • purehgroup create MY-HOSTS
    Create a hostgroup called MY-HOSTS
  • purehgroup create MY-HOSTS -hostlist MY-HOST-001,MY-HOST-002
    Create hostgroup MY-HOSTS and add existing hosts MY-HOST-001 and MY-HOST-002 in to it
  • purehgroup delete MY-HOSTS
    Delete empty hostgroup MY-HOSTS.
  • purehgroup delete MY-HOSTS_1 MY-HOSTS-2
    Delete empty hostgroups MY-HOSTS-1 and MY-HOSTS-2
  • purehgroup disconnect MY-HOSTS --vol MY_VOL_001
    Disconnect volume MY_VOLUME_001 from hostgroup MY-HOSTS
  • purehgroup list
    List all the hostgroups a with member hosts
  • purehgroup list --connect
    List all the hostgroups and connected volumes
  • purehgroup rename MY-HOSTS YOUR-HOSTS
    Rename hostgroup MY-HOSTS with YOUR-HOSTS
  • purehgroup setattr MY-HOSTS --addhostlist MY-HOST-002,MY-HOST-003
    Add MY-HOST-002 and MY-HOST-003 to existing hostgroup MY-HOSTS
  • purehgroup setattr MY-HOSTS --hostlist MY-HOST-002,MY-HOST-003
    Replace members of MY-HOSTS with new hosts MY-HOST-002 and MY-HOST-003
  • purehgroup setattr MY-HOSTS --remhostlist MY-HOST-002,MY-HOST-003
    Remove MY-HOST-002 and MY-HOST-003 from hostgroup MY-HOSTS