How to list all the snapshot devices in an array?

symsnapvx -sid 1234 list
List all the snapshot source devices in vmax 1234 along with the snapshot name
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  • symconfigure -sid 1234 -cmd "create pool My_Snap_pool ,type = snap;" commit
    Create a SNAP pool for snapshot operations.

  • symsnapvx -sid 1234 -dev 000AA:000AB establish -name TEST_SNAPSHOT
    create and establish a snapvx snapshot for devices 000AA:000AB and assign the name as TEST_SNAPSHOT

  • symsnapvx -sid 1234 -dev 000AA:000AB -snapshot_name TEST_SNAPSHOT set ttl -delta 5
    set the time to live(ttl) of 000AA:000AB in TEST_SNAPSHOT to 5 days. The snapshot for these devices will be terminated within 5 days from the day of setting if none of these devices linked to any target devices.

  • symsnapvx -sid 1234 -dev 000AA:000AB -snapshot_name TEST_SNAPSHOT verify
    verify the current status of the previously created snapvx snapshots

  • symsnapvx -sid 1234 -dev 000AA:000AB -snapshot_name TEST_SNAPSHOT list -summary -tb
    provide a summary of snapvx devices in various states(Restored,Established,..) also the copying progress information in TB

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