How to list the tdevs and associated thin pools?

symcfg -sid 1234 list -tdev -GB -detail
With "detail" option ,this commands will displays the multiple thin pools that each TEVS binded with.
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  • symcfg -sid 1234 list -rdfg all
    List details about all the rdf groups in array.

  • symaccess -sid 1234 delete view -name Host1_Allocation -unmap
    Delete view Host1_Allocation and also unmap all the device in associated storage group.

  • symcfg -sid 1234 list -thin -pool -GB
    List all the thinpools in array 1234.

  • symcfg -sid 1234 show -pool My_Pool -thin -GB
    List all the datadevices in thinpool My_Pool on array 1234.

  • symcfg -sid 1234 list -tdev -GB
    List all the thin devices in array 1234.And also shows the thinpools associated to each device with the binding status.

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