How to write disable all the devices in sg?

symsg -sid 1234 -sg MyStorageGroup write_disable
Write Disable all the devices in SG 'MyStorageGroup'
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  • symdev -sid 1234 write_disable ABC -SA all
    Write disable the device ABC from through all directors.

  • symdev -sid 1234 write_disable ABC -SA 3a -p 0
    Write disable the device ABC on FA port 3a:0.

  • symsg -sid 1234 export MyStorageGroup -file mystoragegroup.txt
    Export the device information from SG to the text file.

  • symsg -sid 1234 import MyStorageGroup -file MystorageGroup.txt
    Create SG 'MyStorageGroup' from the earlier exported file MystorageGroup.txt.

  • symsg -sid 1234 -sg MyStorageGroup ready
    Set the status of all devices in SG 'MyStorageGroup' to READY.

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