How to add devices to access pool?

symacl -sid 1234 -file add_devices_to_acc_pool.txt commit
dev AAAAA:AAAAB to accpool MY_ACC_POOL;

Add devices AAAAA and AAAAB to MY_ACC_POOL in symmetrix array 1234.
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  • How to add host id to an access group

    symacl -sid 1234 -file add_hostaccid_to_acc_group.txt commit
    add host accid 12345678-12345678-12345678 name Server001 to accgroup MY_ACC_GROUP;

    Add host id of Server001 to access group MY_ACC_GROUP in symmetrix array 1234. The host id can be obtained by running symacl -uniqe on Server001.
  • How to backup the access control database for a Symmetrix Array

    symacl -sid 1234 backup -file MyACLSetup.txt
    Back up the access control database for Symmetrix Array to MyACLSetup.txt file
  • How to delete an access group along with related access control entities

    symacl -sid 1234 -file delete_acc_group_and_ace.txt commit
    delete accgroup MY_ACC_GROUP remove_aces=true;

    Delete access group MY_ACC_GROUP in symmetrix array 1234. All the access control entities( ACEs) related to MY_ACC_GROUP also be deleted.
  • How to move access id for a server from one access group to another

    symacl -sid 1234 -file move_hostaccid_to_another_acc_group.txt commit
    move accid name Server001 to accgroup MY_ANOTHER_ACC_GROUP;

    Move host access id of Server001 to another group MY_ANOTHER_ACC_GROUP in symmetrix array 1234.
  • How to create an access control entity to grant the permissions

    symacl -sid 1234 -file grand_access_permission.txt commit
    grant access=RDF to accgroup MY_ACC_GROUP for accpool MY_ACC_POOL;

    Create an ACE to allow hosts in MYACC_GROUP to perform RDF operation on devices mentioned access pool MY_ACC_POOL in symmetrix array 1234.

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