How to display detailed infomation about the masking view?

symaccess -sid 1234 list view -name Host1_Allocation -detail
Provides detailed infomation about the masking view .This output is same as 'symmaccess show view'.
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  • symcfg -sid 1234 list -v
    Displays detailed information about the Symmetrix Array 1234.

  • symdev -sid 1234 show ABC
    show the detailed information about device ABC.

  • symmaskdb -sid 1234 -dev ABC list assign
    Initialize back-up, restore and show the contents of the device masking VCMDB.(Depreciated from SE 8.X)

  • symmask -sid 1234 refresh
    Mask or Unmask the symmetrix devices or list the wwn logins.(Depreciated from SE 8.X)

  • symdg show mydg
    Shows members/details of mydg.

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