How to list all the masking views?

symaccess -sid 1234 list view
List masking views Created for Array 1234 with related groups details
Related Questions

  • symmaskdb -sid 1234 -dev ABC list assign
    List the masking details of the dev ABC .

  • symmask -sid 1234 refresh
    Refresh the VCM Data Base after a masking and unmasking operation.

  • symaccess -sid 1234 list assignment -dev 9A0:9AF
    Shows the masking details of devices from 9A0 to 9AF

  • symaccess -sid 1234 list no_assignments -dirport 12f:1
    Shows the devices are mapped to 12f:1 but not part of any masking view.

  • symaccess -sid 1234 list -name MyGroup -v
    List all groups named MyGroup and also shows the related Masking Views

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